Planets and Planetary Systems

When I started high school in 1994, the generally accepted astronomical consensus was that my favorite star - The Sun - was one of the few stars that had a planetary system. Astronomers assumed that only a very special star could have planets.

By the time I was a sophomore, and certainly by the time I graduated in 1998, this had completely changed. In the 95-96 range, Astronomers and Cosmologists discovered that nearly all stars have a planetary system. In our galaxy alone, there are (about) 200 billion stars. And there are about 2 trillion galaxies.

From one maybe one star, to 200 billion stars times 2 trillion galaxies.

This is quite a change.

This, and things like these and the implications therein, are almost too much to comprehend. They aren’t talked about very often, but they should be. With the improved technology, these new galaxies and stars and such are observable. And if this can change, what else…