From Video to Streaming

At this point, though I may be making the point to no one, I still think it’s worth thinking through just how much of our society as changed. In my youth, our family had cable roughly three times. It was always when one of the companies offered a major discount, and it was so cool to have. Options, we’d think. We could watch sports, tv, and movies.

The biggest thing cable offered was movies. Lots of them. When we had cable as an option, we’d set up the VCR, put in a tape, and record movies. Recording like this was the only way to see a show you’d otherwise miss. It was awesome. Then you could program them. Busy Tuesday night at 9?, no problem, tape the show and watch it at your convenience. It was major.

If you watched TV, you were limited to the channels and programs. Now it’s like, do you want to watch Netflix? Hulu? HBO? It’s all there. And this year, you can bypass cable by choosing several different services.

It’s just so different. So quickly. It’s worth considering.