Today I get to head to see Kings of Leon at Lollapalooza.  Which is really, really awesome.  

The last time I saw them was in 2010, in Tinley Park, IL at an outdoor pavilion.  If I remember correctly, it rained at the end as they played 'Trani' and we were belting the lyrics along with the band, embracing the rain.  In my mind, the moment is magic.  

It's cool when you get to do something you love on a given day; such as: see Kings of Leon, you're favorite band.  Which, on this day, I get to do.

For the morning, J. Liddell and I are sitting on a patio, drinking coffee and doing bookish things like reading, writing, and talking about those things.  This comes after a night of enjoying the city.  We went to Tango Sur, a great BYOB Argentine Steakhouse in Chicago, and shared a Filet under the candlelight.  

While waiting for the table, we had a pre-dinner dessert at Sensational Bites.  We both lived in Chicago, her for twenty three years, me for seven.  (Win: Liddell).  Coming back here is always so awesome, and there's a palpable feeling that comes with the big city.  It's like you're always, or could be, right on the edge of things.  Something dangerous could happen right across the street.  Or anyone could walk by.  Or something could happen, and if it did happen, it could be right where you're at.  

I remember being twenty-four and walking around New York City feeling this thing.  People would casually check one another out because anyone could be someone important.  You could see the director of a show you wanted to be on, the writer of your favorite book, or the lead singer of your favorite band.  It gave walking the streets a hype.  And even if you didn't know the person, perhaps they were behind the scenes on something, working as an agent, an editor, marketer, you couldn't ignore them.  They could be someone.  

It's a cool feeling.  The closest it came for me was when I was reading The Rolling Stone magazine later.  It was an article about The Strokes, and they said Julian Casablancas lived in the same building as Ryan Adams.  Something was written about an interaction the two had, and it was mentioned that Ryan Adams would play and sing in the lobby of their building.  This was so crazy to me because I'd just seen Ryan Adams how they just described.  He lived in the building next to my friend.  Which meant that Julian Casablancas lived right next to my friend, and this was crazy to me.  On any given day, The Strokes could be hanging out next door to a good friend.  

It blew my mind.

The feeling added an awareness that was awesome, and it was good to feel that again.  It's a good energy.  

And, in a few hours, I get to see Kings of Leon.