22-Day Revolution, pt. II: The Flu

On the first day of the 22-Day Revolution, I got the flu.  It's going around the city I live in.  Most of my family got it during the holidays; I thought I'd avoided it, but it got me the last Sunday of the holiday break.  

And, maybe it was a good thing.  I'm not sure about everyone, but when I'm sick I have a hard time eating.  I had some water.  Maybe a smoothie.  It lasted about two days.  I made sure to only consume plant-based things, and when I felt better and weighed myself: surprise.  I was down three pounds.  

That was a nice little moral victory.  A start.  

My wife is doing the 22-Day Revolution with me and she also got the flu.  She also lost weight.

I mention this, for more than any other reason, to say that my updates were temporarily thwarted by the flu.  Tomorrow, the first real update will come, but days 1-5 were impacted by illness and loss of appetite.  

But they also had some weight loss.