22-Day Revolution, pt. IV: I'd Like a Cheeseburger

Today is day 17.  I'm down about fifteen pounds.  My clothes fit better.  Much better.  I feel good.  Really good.  I have more energy.  Feel happier.  Wake up fresher.   


I'm hungry.  (In the American sense, of course).  Wings sound good.  Pizza sounds great.  I've seen dozens of advertisements for different types of burgers, all of which are certainly working.  We were watching a basketball game and an advertisement came for a burger.  We wanted it, bad.  

This isn't to say that what I'm eating is no good.  It is good.  Tasty.  My lunch today is a good example.  There was rice and tofu, good veggies and sweet potatoes.  It was delicious.  I had oatmeal for breakfast with almond butter, pecans, and a banana.  Also very good.  

I haven't been doing the prescribed exercises with the diet.  So far I've been doing more yoga, so will probably see more benefits when I do add the strength and cardio, but one step at a time. 

Monday evenings, I teach GED classes.  I usually treat myself with a feel good meal before hand, which my body may be trained for.  Yesterday, I didn't.  I brought a small, light dinner.  So perhaps that's why my body was especially wanting something yesterday.  

But I'm sticking with it.  While getting an oil change, I read through the 22-Day Revolution book.  In it, Marco Borges - the author and creator of the diet, writes both daily and weekly inspirations.  The ones I was reading yesterday was about sustainability.  He encouraged us to really think through and about our food.  It's so easy, he argued, to just eat; he thinks a lot of people gain weight through unconscious habits and patterns.  A handful here and there can really add up.  So I'm trying to be intentional about what I've eaten.  I needed that inspiration yesterday.  I put thought into my meals so far today.  (And have done so while shopping).  

When I got home from teaching yesterday, I sat on the couch and watched the Cavs / Warriors game.  My wife got home shortly after.  We talked a bit about the day and the food we've been eating.  I took a close look at her, and realized: she looks good.  Very good.  She's a beautiful woman anyway, but she's lost twelve pound on the diet, her skin is glowing, and she looks amazing.  

It works.  We both feel better.  We're both liking being intentional about the food.  But, we'd also both like a cheeseburger.