A Case for Gary Johnson, pt. I

We can't vote for Trump, that much is obvious.  

There are many reasons for this, most importantly the fact that the things that most of us stand for regarding morals and ethics are violated by Trump on a daily basis.  He has said on occasions that he's a 'strong Christian', which is obviously false; he's said 'no one respects women more than me', which is obviously false.  If you have friends, colleagues, or neighbors that are illegal immigrants, Muslims, or (really) not white, he's said something that's insulting.  Really, the only group he hasn't bashed are white men.  It's easy with this man to go on and on.  

But just because we cannot vote for Trump does not mean that we should or have to vote for Clinton.  

There's an implication among many intelligent people that there's only one option this election: Ms. Clinton.  And this implication comes because the alternative is Trump.  But to blindly give a vote to a candidate - simply because that candidate is someone else - is almost as bad as voting for Trump.

Hillary Clinton, to me and to many of us, is a terrible candidate.  She's the second least liked in history.  Which makes other choices more important now than ever.  

And this year, in this election, in 28 days, there is another, viable, option. 










Now I'm not calling for a Third Party.  If it were up to me, there'd be no parties.  Rather, each issue would be its own entity, and we'd vote on the merit of the issue and relative data and consequences.  Candidates would run on the aggregate of their beliefs and character, rather than a dated platform.  Most people are more complex than we give them credit for, and blanket things like parties and platforms are beyond dated.  

Healthy relationships are not blind acceptance.  If a friend makes a bullshit comment, you call them on it.  That's part of how we grow.  

He's not perfect.  Not at all.  He's had gaffes and isn't the best in the media, but he's honest, has experience, and fits the bill for best option.  

In the next few days, I'm going to present a case for Gary Johnson.  I know people think a non-major party candidate is a throwaway vote, but voting is one person, in a booth, with a ballot.  And if enough of us consider an alternative, he has a chance.  

At least let him debate.