These Month's Thoughts...Sept/Oct/Nov

  • In any and all surveys, there should be a viable N/a button.  
  • I understand the importance of surveys, and see why places give them.  Heck, I've used surveys myself for a bunch of things, and think they do a great job of showing suggestions.  However, so often the people creating the surveys show their lack of creativity by giving a blanket form to all people.  Or, they give the same survey for several different events.  On these, many of the questions do not apply to the issue at hand.  Or, you get terrible information.  This might not matter in a lot of places, but when they're surveys for things like customer service - or job evaluations - that matter to people, we should be able to choose N/a.  Because not all issues are relevant. 
  • Like, when I was chatting a Comcast agent because the company: has overcharged us every month we've had them, given two bills in two weeks, said we were paid in full and delinquent in a two week span, changed our service plan three times, and shut off service, the survey was all about the agent.  Questions were things like 'how likely are you to recommend our company after your chat with this agent?'.  Not relevant.  
  • The agent did great, but I wouldn't have had to speak with said agent, had not the company screwed up.
  • As in: I'd recommend the agent, not the company.  
  • Fantasy basketball is a lot better than Fantasy football.
  • Thank God this election is over. 
  • Thankfulness and gratitude, virtues praised around the holiday, dissipate so quickly once we expect things.  It turns to entitlement so quickly.  
  • Tomorrow is not given.  In fact, I could die in a car crash on the way from this coffee shop and writing these thoughts.  The chances are small, and I expect to be kicking tomorrow, but that may not happen.  I - and all of us - should appreciate what we have, all the time, every day.  
  • Louis C.K. has a great bit on people complaining about wifi the first time it was offered on an airplane.  He was flying across the country, and the airline was piloting wifi.  It was free, and had never been done.  Shortly after using it for the first time, people complained about how slow it was.  He went on to talk about a hundred years ago, half the passengers would have died on the same trip.  
  • How they structure the College Football Playoff is so dumb.  For instance, in this week's installment of the 'top four', both Michigan and Ohio State are in it.  They're even slated to play each other.  Something that HAPPENS, in about three weeks.  One of them will lose that game, and that team will not make the playoff.  So the scenario they present cannot happen.  
  • The next few years are going to be interesting.  May we remain hopeful and take action.  

Caution: Explicit