This Week's Thoughts...6: To This Week from Last Week

  • Working out does naturally boost the body.  Which I forget all too often when I'm feeling down, but remember immediately when I'm feeling up.
  • The NBA playoffs are a pretty awesome thing.  The 7-game format, though creating the occasional bore, is a really cool way to judge the better team.  The series score is almost more fun than the actual game.
  • I'm going for the Cavs.  I'll always root for LeBron.  
  • I might even buy a Kia.
  • The weather is something I'll never understand.  Going from sleet to sunny in a week is crazy.  Like, it as literally so crappy out that I almost fell on the sidewalk; but then not too long later, it was so nice I could run shirtless.  How this happens is beyond me.
  • Listening is an important skill.
  • As is saying thank you to people.  I had a former student write me a really nice thank you last week, and it was really, really awesome.
  • Rhythms and patterns are important.  So The Real Tom Bratt is going to practicing a Sabbath (of sorts) on the thoughts of the week.  You'll see them for six weeks, and then I take one off.  So, until then: dueces.