This Week's Thoughts...7

  •  Sports are a great thing for kids to be a part of, and teach a lot of good lessons.
  • Pizza is such a good food.  All of it.  Like even when I went to a store for some slices and they only had veggie, those veggie slices were probably better than any other lunch I could have had.  And then when I got back to class and heard a girl talk about how she was excited because she gets to have pizza this weekend, I was like ‘yeah.  Pizza is totally worth getting excited for’.

  • Johnny Manziel really screwed up by not staying in school.  Had he stayed at Texas A & M for two more years, he would be the number one draft pick right now, and maybe even have another Heisman trophy.  He’d also have a career in front of him.  As it is, he’ll be lucky to get another chance at the NFL.  And to throw that away at this young of an age is sad.

  • Yoga works.

  • Good weather is so much better than bad; it’s crazy how different you can feel on different days.

  • And Joe Bratt sure was right on the beauty of the long bike ride.  I saved up for a bit and bought a bike, which I’ve taken on a couple of rides.  You can cover so much distance on a bike, that you get to experience places in such a unique way.  I took the White Pine Trail north of Rockford, and got to see the changes along the river, it was awesome.

  • Being thrown into an elementary classroom and told to run it might be a good form of punishment for people.  I had to do so recently, and it’s near anarchy.  Kids were everywhere.  And they don’t know social boundaries, so if you turn your head, they move right in front of you.  I almost stepped on, like, fifty kids.

  • This swarming brings me to a conspiracy: I swear there’s been a multi-school, multi-year prank kids have been collectively playing on me.  In a class, the teacher sets up the room.  Usually we do this so kids can see some area of emphasis, like the blackboard.  So I’ll have the room all set up and kids will be where the desks were set in the a.m.  Then I turn to write something.  When I re-face the class, the desks are closer.  It’s minimal at first, but noticeable a few periods into the day.  So I’ll turn and write and in the space where I’d be able to step and turn, the desks will all be right on me, and I’m like: what?

  • Entitlement sucks.