Mamba Out

Kobe Bryant and I both ended our careers in 2016, which wasn't a coincidence.  Mamba and I had a little chat this past summer.  We figured, we're getting a little older, 36 and 37, we've been at this game for quite a while.  It's done a lot of good to and for us, but it's also taking its toll. 

His Ice Bath is my Icehouse. 

His at-home sauna is my student-yoga membership. 

We're both showing signs of age, fatigue has been setting in.  Haters are saying we're hurting our respective teams, yet audiences still tune in to watch us.  But we knew the end was here, so did a little reunion tour.

Mamba's tour included 30 stops, where fans would travel from around the world, pay high ticket prices, and give long standing ovations. 

Mine included 19-stops, where fans would use profanity, ignore instructions, and remind me 'I was just a sub'. 

He had limited edition merch that sold for nearly 30K, a tribute video by all time greats.  I have a GRPS 'my choice' collard shirt, and two thank you notes. 

He is welcomed back at anytime with open arms; I'm to turn in all district property by Monday.

But, we knew it was our time.  These careers have been great, we've enjoyed our time, but it's on the next thing. 

Time for a new adventure.

Captain English out.