It Will Come Later

Dear Readers,

Firstly, thank you for reading.  

Secondly, as I've mentioned via post and in person, I was non-renewed by the Grand Rapids Public Schools at their Board of Ed meeting on June 6, 2016.  I mentioned, and had planned on, putting some documents and video of the event my site.  However, in a fashion that is quite typical of the Grand Rapids Public Schools, the video they posted to YouTube of the 6/6/16 Board of Ed meeting ends right before I speak to the board.  I requested a public hearing, and they posted all video - except my hearing - on their site and on YouTube.  The video ends right before me.  

This type of BS was commonplace my whole tenure with GRPS.  When I say BS, I'm referring to the fact letters they sent me via US mail and what they put in the agenda at the 6/6/16 meeting do not align, I'm talking about the fact that in my non-renewal hearing, they pronounced my name 3 different ways. I'm talking about the fact that when directly asked, 'Is the way Mr. Bratt interprets the law correct?', the director of HR said, 'Yes, it could be interpreted that way', which would make the reason for a non-renewal irrelevant.  

As I mentioned to many of you, I was going to put that video and documents on my site through an educational blog series.  But as I've gone through the documents - over 200 pages, I realized I'm more wounded by the experience than I thought.  When I look through my documentation, rebuttals, test scores, emails (slight example: when I applied for internal positions, I received an email stating that I could not apply because I was found ineffective, yet when I then appealed that rating, I was told I couldn't appeal because I hadn't been rated) it gets me down and I know I need more distance to do the situation justice.  

Since that time - over a month - I've been working out, pursuing passion projects, and cleaning my yard.  Both physically and mentally, I feel about 80% better.  I say this, because I'll be posting the these documents and emails, and all of that, but it just won't be quite yet.  I need a bit more time.  I've got plans for projects that will be unveiled soon, and have the education stuff slated for early 2017.  

I've received much support and encouragement, and I am thankful for it all.  

To conclude, it will come, only: It will come later.  

Thank You,