Thank You LeBron!!! - Ed Blog, special post

LeBron James is my alltime favorite athlete.  There's not even really a close second.  This is only one reason: But more than an athlete, he may be the human I respect the most.  

But more than an athlete, he may be the human I respect the most.  There are many reasons for that, but among the top are:

  • He doesn't complain.
  • He doesn't make excuses.
  • He makes everyone around him better.
  • He sees the best in everyone.  
  • He brings his A-game every day.
  • He practices what he preaches.
  • He chooses to make the world a better place, every day.  

This series has been all about how we can improve our educational system.  It's looked at theory and practice, and: this is the perfect example of how to do both

Mr. James is doing this in his hometown, in a system he knows, in a neighborhood he understands.  

He is providing support at just the age when others stop.  He has also put the foundation in place for when these students are in college.  

Again, Mr. James and his vision to execute will tangibly change the lives of people.  This is an example we should all follow. 

Thank you Mr. James, Thank you.  

We are all witnesses.