DACA or Jeff Sessions What are you Doing?

We are living in a very interesting time in the country.  There is an old regime.  It is white, bigoted, and very small minded.  It claims to be Christian, yet ignores all plights of the poor, widow, orphan, and foreigner - the exact group God commanded God's own people to follow.  

Or, if you ignore that command, regardless of the denomination of the Christian faith you follow, or of the version of the Bible you read, humans were directly commanded to take care of the earth.  This same group of old white men that run the country de-regulate anything that helps the environment.  Especially if it makes the rich richer.  

This is unacceptable.  It should also be an extremely obvious example of how "no man can serve two masters".  

Any Christian, a faith of which I'm a member, that can watch the policy that's currently taking place and not think it's offensive, anti-Biblical, and down-right wrong misses the fundamental point of the faith.  

But this is especially true of programs like DACA that help everyone and hurt no one.  I literally yelled at the television yesterday when I watched Jeff Sessions's statement on DACA.  Reading it in entirety makes my skin boil.  The rhetoric goes like this: bash Obama, praise Trump, talk about unemployment, revert to the Founding Fathers, bring up safety and inspire fear.  

Immigration is a complex problem.  And like many complex problems in this country, we do not talk about it well.  President Trump, and those like him, use fear.  Extreme liberals don't have an understanding of systems.  And, we miss the fact that we're all immigrants.  But DACA was a great program.  

It was a solution for the children that were brought here with no knowledge or planning, by someone else.  They grew up here, know our country, feel American.  They know America's history, believe in American's mission, and want to take part in the country they know.    

Like it or not, we educate anyone that lives in the United States.  This costs about $120,000 per pupil, from K-12.  If and when one of these students is undocumented, they graduate without the ability to do anything for the country legally.  Our laws allow them to be educated, but not to use that education.  What, then, is the person's option?  If crime and fear are really the thing to worry about who is more likely to commit a crime: Someone in school working on a degree and/or with a job that supports their family, or someone with nothing to do and no legal way to make money?  It's obvious.  

Also, DACA was a great opportunity to get the best 'illegals' and make them U.S. citizens.  We were given a great filtering process.  DACA is not easy to obtain.  You must have a credential - i.e. some type of schooling - and you cannot have a criminal record.  What a good vetting process.  And, after being accepted into the program, you must follow all laws and be employed, or you can lose your status.  

This is a great thing.  It motivates people to be good.  It's actually an example of practical, positive government.  

Repealing this is so, so stupid.  So stupid.  DACA recipients are not breaking laws.  They are not taking 'American's' jobs.  Rather, they are living better than most Americans.  Following rules and laws more carefully than most of us. They can't screw up.

This is a perfect opportunity for us to band together and help those that are already here.  Especially for us Christians, it is an opportunity to do something to aid the cause of the oppressed.  Please do not buy into the fear or rhetoric of one of the old.  We need to move on and help one another.  We do not need fear.  We do not need segregation.  We need love.

Love Wins.