The Beginning is Like the End is Like the Beginning

At the end of the ‘07/’08 school year, I was talking to my buddy Terry. We were in the auditorium, where our seniors were receiving their yearbooks. It was hot. Very hot. I was wearing a school teeshirt, and still sweating. Which made me even more surprised that he was wearing a shirt and tie.

“Terry, why you wearing a tie?” I asked.

“Start strong, end strong, Tommy,” he replied.

I gave him a glance that was like: what’d’ya mean?

He went on to explain that how you end something is just as important as how you start it. So he’d make sure to end the year dressed well, just like he started it. He talked about it gave him a good sense of completion, a finality.

So here it is. I started 2018 strong, pushing something out nearly every day. I’m gonna end it that way, too.