Did some research I thought I would share with you guys. For one, I don’t watch college basketball and have to figure out who half these guys are and for two, always blast tons of random overwhelming info to your league mates or whatever our motto is.

1 – DeAndre Ayton, PHX Suns – Drafted by yours truly, saw 5 minutes of a preseason game and he hit a couple sweet turnaround J’s. Will be rookie of the year and lead me to a championship.

2.Marvin Bagley, SAC Kings – Drafted by Adam, Poor Man’s Embiid. Could be worthwhile if the Kings are ever willing to play a player for more than 25 minutes a game. See D’Aaron Fox from last year.

3. Luka Doncic, DAL Mavs – Drafted by JB, the new and improved White Chocolate. Saw a link to some cool in game moves probably posted by JB. Box scores look promising, could be the second banana to DSJ on a real fun Mavs team. Dirk deserves another chance at winning.

4. Jaren Jackson, GRIZZ BIZZ – Came from MSU, shockingly not drafted by MSU superfan Banana Bratt. Can’t believe he missed that one, maybe something else was bothering him on Draft night. Should be a superstar if he is smart enough to model his game after the GOAT, Marcy Marc Gasol, Big Sexy Himself.

5. Trae Young, HOT LANTA – Drafted by me, another smart snag. I really killed this draft fyi. Once Jeremy “Glass” Lin runs into another injury, my boy should be jacking 30 shots a game. Classic high fantasy guy on a garbage team.

6. Mo Bamba, ORL Magicless – A real sleeper draft pick given Vuc’s injury history, did we all make a mistake? Should be a hot waiver pick that ultimately disappoints someone after they realize they now have to watch Magic games.

7. Wendell Carter Jr., CHI Chucks – Another Dukie pick, are there any good NBA players from Duke ever? Hopefully he performs better than Jahlil Okafor, should get plenty of play time in Hoiberg’s easy to predict rotations along with Bobby Portis, Cristiano Felicio, Robin Lopez, Lauri Markkenen, and Jabari Parker.

8. Collin Sexton, The shell formerly known as Cleveland after being dumped by “Loyal Hometown Boy” Lebron James for the 2nd time in his career – Probably could average double digit assists but will be hurt by the inability of his old ass teammates to make shots ever.

9.Kevin Knox, NYKnox – Drafted by Shawn, who also ranked my team 9th in the preseason power rankings. Unbelievably we also play each other in week 9!!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens first, Shawn dropping Knox or me kicking his team’s ass in our first matchup???

10. Miles Bridges, CHA Bees – Another undrafted MSU grad. Hoping for success for our local boys, but hard to see it on a team that already has an entire roster of SF/PF’s. Marvin Williams, Nic Batum, Frank Kaminsky, Jeremy Lamb, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Willy Hernangomez. At least Bridges isn’t super and slow, maybe he will play!!

11. Shai Gilgeous Alexander, The Better LA Team – This guy has a lot going for him. Cool hair, cool name, born in Canada, fantasy drafted by the 2019 champion of No Balls Ass. 

Alright, that’s more than enough of this. Researching college basketball sucks!!