Booze ='s Exercise

I realized this week, while injured, that booze and exercise provide the same relief, temporarily.  Meaning, if you're tense and need to relax a bit, a couple drinks will do the trick.  Your body does relax.  It does work.  But, the problem is that the next day you're a bit lethargic.

Exercise has the opposite effect.  When you work out, your body processes the stress.  It alleviates the tension, but has the added benefit of your body running off of itself.  You feel better as a result.  The effects, instead of lethargy, are a calm, slightly euphoric feeling that is natural.  You're also inclined to eat better, sleep better, and be a bit more productive.

With an injury this week, I was sort of forced to notice the difference.   

I Want Limits Over Abstinence

 It's really nice to have a drink after doing manual labor.  It helps relax the body after a long day of work.  It also feels like you earned it.  My brother doesn't have a drink in a day, unless he 'earned it'.  

'Earned' is a self-defined term, and can only be applied to and by yourself.  You must be hones.  Did you earn it?  If so, it's ok. 

The thing I like about that is you don't get caught up in too bad of a cycle, because you must do to be rewarded.  And that's what these experiments are about.  


I Have a Beer Gut

Toward the end of 2017, I took a very deep dive into the contributions of my weight gain.  I did so in a conversation with my brother, because we both have put on some pounds.  We lived together in Chicago, and were thin.  He moved to Seattle, me to Grand Rapids, and in both cities you drive much more than Chicago.  Seattle is much more active than GR, so less mobility is one obvious factor.  (More here).

The other major contribution, much more than food, though I didn't realize it, is craft beer.  Grand Rapids has been Beer City for several years, and has a lot of great breweries.  I can go, any day, to Founders or Greyline and have incredible beers.  In Chicago, I always had Heineken in the fridge; here it is mostly Founders.  And while Azaca, Mosaic Promise, All Day IPA, and PC PIls are very tasty, they are not good for the waistline.  

From what I've been able to tell, 3 Heinekens is about one Azaca, calorically.  This is a major difference.  Beer was my major contribution to weight gain.  This mean, I have a beer gut.  

Realizing this is the first step.  

Beer is most major cause of my weight gain.  If I don't have limits, I won't be able to stay trim.  So, I need limits on beer/booze.  I'm thinking about what they'll be.  

I'm starting the year by taking January off, so stay tuned.