A Mentality of Intentionality (Day 12)

Duncan Trussell interviewed Tim Ferriss for episode 140 of the The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.  It was the first time I'd heard of Tim Ferriss, and his work.   He helps people live their best lives, and does this through his writing and podcast.  Tim has had great results with several people in several industries.  One of the ways he's helped people has included helping people lose a lot of weight.  Duncan Trussell asked him about this, and Tim's response was this: The first thing I tell them is that if you don't want to be a fat person, stop acting like a fat person.  He goes on to explain that there are habits that people have that lead to weight gain.  Conversely, there are habits that can help you get in shape, lose weight, and be productive.  Whichever direction you'd like to go, at some base level, you must make sure your actions match that direction.

Pretty straight-forward, but accurate.  

A lot of us that carry extra pounds do it through a series of little decisions - a handful of M&M's here, and extra slice of pizza there, soft drinks, and snacks for 'fun'.  That was the case for me.  300 calories in a beer, 200 calories in an extra slice of pizza or a piece of cake. 

Those, like interest on debt, are then the first thing to be worked off the next day.  You're not getting ahead.  You're just maintaining.  

This realization has helped me.  I've been intentionally avoiding those little slips, keeping the overall goal in mind.  And this mentality has led to intentionality.