Balancing Act

Yesterday was going to be a challenge - I knew that going in.  I'd been up late for two days, with packed schedules and few groceries in the house; my pattern (only recently discovered) is that when that specific combination occurs, I often slip from my goals.  

I acknowledged that yesterday morning, and combatted it by intentionality.  I named the obstacle, acknowledged that it was going to be difficult, and also declared that I would act anyway.  

It worked.  

I brought eggs for breakfast (two, hard boiled).  Between my classes, I ran 4-miles.  I had no food after, so ordered Chinese.  I had a craving, and figured lunch would be a good time for it, since I just worked out and had the day to burn the calories.  It was not good.  Having it, though, espeically since it wasn't too satisfying, I would have typically gotten a dinner I enjoy the taste of.  Instead, I skipped dinner.  The Chinese filled me up enough that I didn't need to eat again.  By the time I was finished working (9:15), it was too late to eat.  

I was a little bit hungry last night, but this morning I feel great about my choice.  I've very glad I didn't cave or add the calories that I'd now have to burn.  What it took was balance.  

I had to balance my immediate cravings (taste, now) with my longterm goal: health and wellness.  Being able to put these things side by side, I realized the immediate was only a craving that would take me away from my longterm goal.  In the morning, I have zero regrets.  I'm happy with my choice.  

This is the balancing act we must play.  I regretted my lunch choice, a bit, but balanced it by doing a dinner that worked with my goals.