On Day 4 I 'Cheated'

The 4th day of the S.B.D. saw me cheat.  

A friend of ours was in the state, and my wife and I drove from Grand Rapids to Flint for a visit.  Rather than be like, "Yo, y'all, I'm on the South Beach Diet," I ate a delicious meal that was offered.  I also had some booze.  

I have no regrets.  

Had I been home, in my own house, cooking for myself, I would have followed the diet.  But I wasn't.  

Yesterday, the 4th day, following the diet would have taken away from my quality of life - which is not the point.  I want to feel good, be healthy, and take control.  Taking control yesterday meant enjoying a meal.  It meant enjoying people I love and value.  It meant being present in the moment, partaking in life.  

I have no regrets.  It was not a misstep.  It was a beautiful evening that I will remember for a long time.  

Today, day 5, I'm back.  I had eggs, peanuts, and taco salad.  I'm following the guide, and by doing so being healthy, improving my quality of life.  

And that's the point.