Wayne Fontz…

was the coach of the Detroit Lions for most of my junior high and high school years. His W-L record with Detroit was 67-71. A yearly tradition, about three games into the season, was to call for his job. Detroit is, and has been, mediocre (on a good year). A lot of people thought that, with Barry Sanders, we should be a lot better. They blamed Wayne Fontz. They wanted him gone.

But not us. I loved Wayne Fontz. Just pause and say his name aloud, slowly. When he’d win, or the season was good, people would say, “The Wayne Train, get on it or get under it.”

It’s fun phrase with a fun name. Good ole Wayne. But, I think the philosophy of getting on or under is real; and I think this is what we’re seeing and facing now. But instead of a train for people to get on or under, I think it’s like an onion that we can peel.

Politically charged conversation and opinion is all around. People are sharing their opinions, loudly and freely, everywhere. But oddly, we’re less factually based than ever. We see shit and share it and don’t look back. We Tweet in anger and leave it in cyberspace to live and fester.

That’s a problem. It’s also short sighted.

With our strong opinions, we’re taking a very short view. We see a stat and spit our opinions out without even thinking about it. The way we read the content is spun through someone else’s lens in the first place.

But here’s what I hope:

I hope we’re all just getting our last complaints out. I hope we’re just venting and then we’ll be ready to think and listen and play the long game. I think what’s happening is that more people than ever are having a voice at the table, and that it’s hard to listen to new perspectives. It’s hard to fully consider someone else’s point of view - especially if it’s new, loud, and crass. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

I think it’s like an onion. We’re hearing more and more about the realities of others, and we can use these and broaden because of them. As things peel back, we can grow our understanding of what the world is and will be be.

Don’t be afraid.

Be observant.