Ta-Nehisi Coates Overview

Today's post will highlight an African American that you should know about and look more into. Especially if you don't read much work from African Americans, Mr. Coates is a great one to see.  Below, you can find links to three of his articles.  He is smart, academic, and articulate.  He expresses things that you may have seen and heard elsewhere, in a philosophical way.  I post this as a simple taste for those that would like to read more work from African Americans.  

The other thing that's really important to point out is that many white people may consider Mr. Coates 'radical'.  If you are one of them, you are not Woke, you are UnWoke.  His ideas must be taken very seriously, and may be disagreed with; yet, if they are disagreed with, it must be on stats and logic, rather than opinion and faux-equality.  

The Case for Reparations

This is as close to a must read as there as and has been in as long as I can remember.  

America is the land of opportunity for every group except one: people of African decent.  

All others of us came here for a better life and a better opportunity.  Africans were sold and considered property for 200-years.  Though we fought a Civil War, we've never truly attoned, and we feel the panges of that failure every single day.

It would not be hard.  We can do this.  It's not what one individual must do, but rather what we as a society must do.  

If you're white and say, 'but my family was immigrants, too', you miss the point.  If you're white, you family had the law on its side.  Africans did not.  

Let us embrace the pain, embrace healing, and call it good.  

Feature 2

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The First White President

If you're any kind of white, you've had the luxury of having the law on your side, always.

This is not the case for minorities.  Coates discusses race here, and how white people are getting the first taste of having to come to terms with their race.  

Fascinating.  Well worth the read.