Freelance Work

Thank you for considering me for your project. I love writing, editing, and (really) anything having to do with words. I find it fulfilling to bring stories to life and give language to concepts. I’m open to many types of projects, so if you don’t see something that fits your needs below, feel free to reach out and/or make me an offer.


Articles, Profiles, Stories

Need an article for website, company, or newsletter? Have a friend or family member you’d like a profile on? Have a story or life even you’d like written down, but don’t have the time?

These are all things I enjoy writing and would like to do for you! Reach out below.


Blogs & Web content

Would you like a blog series or a company webpage? I’d be happy to write and design it.

Family History (1).png

Family History

All families have a story. I really enjoy listening to those stories, and turning them into a narrative. If you’re looking for this, click here:


Make Me an Offer

If you have an idea for a project and it doesn’t fit in the above, I’d love to hear it. Submit a proposal.