1. 2019 Projected Champion – After being robbed of the MVP and Championship trophies last year, Shawn is back with laser focus and the aggression of a spider monkey. Starting off the season by winning the Best Draft Award was a pretty damn good start! It’s no wonder that his team got voted the 2019 Projected Champions. 

2. Stack Lagoon – Because of my big warm heart I REALLY wanted to pick Kyle to be number two, but then I looked at his team and realized that LeBron is his only good player. Stacks team is stacked! The former champ seems to be a great shape for a solid 4th place finish this year!!!

3. Grand Rapids Drive – Christian had the steal of the draft by grabbing Curry for $52. I honestly think he did something shady to freeze us all out from bidding. Just saying what we’re all thinking… Overall, I think he’s got the strongest big three. Enjoy the Cousins experiment buddy! 

4. Big Ballers – SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Let’s hope Dewey doesn’t fuck this up! With AD, Butler and Kyrie on his team it should secure him to not be in last place for like the 12th year in a roll. If Ball has the breakout year that Christian thinks he is going to have, he’ll have a great chance to make a run at JB for the Toilet Bowl Championship!

5. TBD TBD – Giannis oh Giannis. Shawn really wanted him this year, just couldn’t break the hundred-dollar threshold… It is my humble opinion that Giannis will be the top fantasy player this year and that Dunn and Turner both have big years. If those opinions (facts) turn out to be true, it could lead to great things for Chuck. Thanks for the hat buddy! I promise that I’ll never give it away! 

6. Tacoma Blazers – I think $35 for Kevin Love is a mess, but I love the DeRozan, Booker and Gobert picks! Gobert for $24 is highway robbery. Adam fucked up everything with this whole IR debacle, then got hammered on draft day and I’m assuming he was high as hell. He is truly living his best life. 

7. The Peoples Champ – Once again JB nailed his draft 😉 If Porzingis plays this year, picking him up for $5 could be huge for him! The fact that he grabbed Westbrook for $88 and you other yahoos paid so much for the other top ballers is crazy. Could be your year dude 😉 

8. The Real Team Jokic – Dan, the team of writers over here at Blonk’s Ballers Chronicles think you did a pretty decent job with your draft this year! We believe that Lavine is going to have a big year, so that should play out well for you. Please change your team name though. Nobody gives a shit about the Jokic thing anymore. LaMarcus for $29 was a great snag! 

9. Incoming Cool Name – A lot to unfold here Andy. You gave away your hat and you have a team name that needs a lot of work. You also broke the draft at one point. I’ve forgiven you for all three issues, but please get your shit together! I love that you went so hard after Harden. With your savvy fantasy skills, he may be all you need to anchor your team to another playoff run! 

10. Durantnaphobia – This team makes no sense and is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point is it considered a rational thought. Everyone in this league is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. See ya in week one buddy! #stayshook

11. Guys… I Got LeBron – Sorry buddy, I was really rooting for ya! I think you spent too much money on LeBron’s old ass and blew the rest of your draft because of it. Plus, on surface level I think that you have like 4 injured guys! Sure, some of those injuries are just bumps and bruises, but just looks bad on paper… Thanks for sitting next to me at the draft, it was nice to catch up and chatting!

12. Blake to The Future – Oh how the mighty have fallen… Quite the ride buddy. You go off the grid for 15 years, only to come back and fuck shit up with that IR debacle, then you roll out your worse draft in 19 years. You are really good at fantasy basketball and the waiver wire, so you’ll be fine!