Every year, ESPN does a ranking of the top 100 players in the NBA. And every year, that list is topped by LeBron James.

This year, the asshats at ESPN are making a big deal about it being someone different. They’re choices, are very fucking obviuolsy for commentators taht get paid to talk on sports adn don’t actually play sports and are paid to have opinions and can only have these jobs if they get people to click, Giannis A or Kawhi L.

These chocies are “obvious” because Kawhi won the championship for Toronto, and Giannis won the MVP.

But here’s where this shit is so stupid. Kawhi won the championship wiht Tornonto only because LeBron James left the Eastern Conference. Up until this year, the East was decided by LeBron James. He leaves, the door opens, the Celtics suck, the Bucks aren’t ready, and Jimmy Butler is a hot mess in Philly, and the door opens for one of those lesser teams to make the finals.

In the finals, they face a depleted Golden State Warriors - a team that now sucks for turning their great bench into Kevin Durant and bailing on the guys that got them the championships; the Warriors were down three of their best five players, and Toronto was able to beat them.

So Kawhi, who was great in the playoffs, gets the credit and praise for hte win. He’s now the “greatest” and he pulled off a “magic” move in the offseason getting him and Paul George on the Clippers together.

My response: Fuck the Clippers and Fuck the Talking Heads.

We’ll see if the Clippers are good. They fucked it up before with a better team. Paul George (and Kawhi Leonard) are both hurt, and I don’t think Cocky Kawhi will be a better version of the player many of us love. He’s great because he’s quiet. He’s focused, and an assassin. He’s the mix between a glue-guy and a star. He kills. When he talks, people mock him. He laughed in a press conference last year and it immediately became a Meme. It was referenced all year. (I feel bad. What if he’s on teh spectrum or has a speech impediment?)

But Cocky he is not. And to make him the lead man will not be good for him.


The same dicks that are now giving him the number 1 or 2 spot considered him to be on the second team of last year’s all nba.

Quite the jump.

All only possible becasue LeBeron James wasn’t in the East.

And Giannis. Giannis was the MVP of the league in 2019, but he shouldn’t have been. It shoudl have gone to James Harden.

The only reason it didn’t go to James Harden was becasue he was the MVP of the league in 2018. But he shouldn’t have been. It should have been: LeBron James.

It wasnt’ LeBron James becasue the asshats and talking heads with votes don’t think he plays enough defense. (Is James Harden a good defender?)


James Harden scored a lot of points, but had worse stats that LeBron. His team won games, but flamed otu in the playoffs. So, is that MVP worthy?

LeBron James, on the other hand, took an ass Cleveleand team to the finals. He beat every team in the east, had better stats than Harden, and had the best game I’ve ever seen in game one of the NBA finals. (Now considered the JR Smith Game or the Time Out Game, becasue JR Smith).

But that’s what these guys do. They reward recency. They give makeup MVPs. The problem is that these awards are remembered throughout History. They’re written donw and talked about, but context goes out the window.

Context often goes out the window.

We should remembrer this. It’s important - now as much or more than ever - to keep this in mind. Framing through recency gets us nowhere. WE need the context.

Contextually, Giannis and Kawhi are only in a 1/2 talk because of things that revolve around LeBron. Teh 2019/20 NBA goes through LeBron and the Lakers. Many great players moved East becasue of the LeBron. Don’t forget this. The man is still the greatest in the world.

LeBron. You’re #1, by a long shot, here.