UnWoke Series Pt. II Theme: Race

The theme for this section of the UnWoke Series is race.

From the onset, I must admit that I’m writing this very much as a white man. I also fit so perfectly in the majority - racially, economically, gender identification - that it would be almost too easy to ask what I can add to the conversation. But I think that’s part of the problem, actually. If the goal is to be more inclusive, more loving, more open, more EXPANSIVE, then all are welcome at the table.

I mention my race, gender, and ethnicity right away because anything I’ve learned and experienced has come from that point of view. Stems from it. This includes both bias and growth. Bad and good. It includes learning and experience. And in my opinion, the point is pushing the needle forward, and this is my attempt to do so.

A few things right away:

  • diversity almost always made things better

  • new experience has expanded, rather than limited my life experience

  • growth happens through learning, rather than judgment

  • almost everything is a whole lot more complex than we initially assume

What you can expect in this part of the series is some thoughts, some experiences, some recommendations, and some ways I think we can all step forward to make this a more loving, more friendly planet.

The other thing I feel inclined to include at the onset is that I think all people are created in the image of The Divine. This includes all genders and races. So to judge and discriminate other humans, in my opinion, is to say you dislike a part of The Divine.

Stay Tuned. And enjoy pt. II of the UnWoke Series.