The Real Tom Bratt

I've been writing all types of things, for all types of reasons, for years.  Anytime I think I haven’t been writing much, I go through my notes and see pages and pages just filled up with content. It’s how I process the world.

My mind always roams. It goes from big to small, abstract to concrete, adn then I write about it.  I read something like that fact that outer space is only sixty miles from sea level, and am fixate on that fact.  How did we get here? Why are we here? What we do with out time?  I explore it all through writing.

Some of this I do for joy, some of it I do for money.

You can hire me to write your family history, an awkward email, a story for friends and family, the family Christmas Card, or company newsletter.  

Or you can check out my blog, writings, reviews or podcasts.

Thanks for visiting.  Feel free to stay for a while.

-The Real Tom Bratt