Dear Christian Conservatives,

We must confront the problems in our politics. Each of us is fully human, made in the image of The Divine. We acknowledge that image, consider it our true light, and attempt to better the world. Recently, really this whole century, we’ve fucked that up. We’ve confused politics and religion, thinking God is on our side, while missing the point that we’re leading people astray.

There’s a Biblical precedent agains this. God is on the side of the poor, the oppressed, the foreigner. The people we follow, emulate, and protect are one such group. Today, way too often, we mistake certain political policy with justice, which allows us to miss the rest. This is especially the case with abortion.

When it comes to abortion, many conservatives are being duped. You think you care for life, protect life, and therefore vote on only this one issue. Conservatives know this, so promote this single issue. They know they pass anything, as long as they take a stand on that one thing. And killing a baby is bad, and tugs at your heartstrings. Which the politicians also know.

What liberals don’t understand is that a lot of Christians that vote only on abortion are very good people, well meaning people. That you consider life to be the most important thing because it comes from God. You consider all children to be gifts and miracles, so when one is aborted, that is the greatest offense possible.

I have a very deep respect for all of you, and commend your passion. But I think we’re at a time where your passion could be better suited. We are living in times when humans that have been born are being oppressed and treated as sub-human, but we don’t pay attention because we’re too worried about abortion. We only have so much potential to care, so much energy to give, and there’s only so much information we can take in.

Rather than talk about policy, or point it out, what I’d argue is that we could make the world a better place if we had your passion and influence guiding lawmakers on things happening now. Here are a few that I find troubling:

  • The same states that are putting in place the most extreme abortion laws are the same states that had no problem with Jim Crow Laws, Slavery, and Segregation. This is alarming.

  • The same lawmakers that bring up abortion the most, are the least for compassion. They are fine with locking humans in cages for extended periods of time, including children. Without a good option for parole, and without taking care of the people, these lives are spent in a jail or prision. A jail or prison that are privately owned, getting taxpayer money, and getting their owners a lot of profit. This should be alarming.

  • The same lawmakers that are very Pro Life in terms of “abortion”, increase the amount of money they give to fund the military. This money is used to kill innocent people - including children.

  • The same people that are anti-choice to women, voting for an all out ban on abortion are VERY ANTI an all out ban on guns and weapons. This doesn’t make sense. Their logic is that you can’t tell us what to do with our guns, but they turn around and do the same with women’s bodies. Ideologically, they don’t line up.

To conclude, I affirm your passion, but think we should focus on the people here, now, that need us. Once they’re taken care of, then let’s turn our attention to the unborn.