God v Science


The Reason I Thought…

The Wikipedia debate was so dumb was that middle ground - or actual solutions - were available for every problem. Wikipedia has links to all sources at the bottom of the page. Like any and all research, you can go to the origin to make sure it’s not something like “The opinions of The Real Tom Bratt”. Clicking the link takes you to the article, and a little more research after that gets you to very scholarly, reputable sources on any and all subjects. Why not point this out to the students? Why not use this as the basis?

Doing so would require only one extra step: bring in a projector, show this section to the students, or taking a class period to show how to quote sources and what works and doesn’t. (My wife made a very good database around this concept that has been very helpful for student research, which she was recognized for. Good job, baby.)

The pros of Wikipedia are that students are reading and understanding more than ever. The cons (which I hate to even call it, because I don’t see it that way) are that the research isn’t scholarly.

Hoping on a side of this debate is to miss the point that kids are researching, interested, and know where to look. There is a source, Wikipedia, and a process, research. Which is very much like God and Science.

I believe in God, and see this reflected everywehre in the universe. This is only affirmed when rules we discover in science are true everywhere. When things are consistant in many different fields, on many different fronts. And if God created something, then science would be an incredible tool. Playing video games, watching sports, driving through traffic, flying through air, all have some blend of this: mystery and order. There is a vehicle and a process, like God and Science.

In obvious ways, we all affirm this. We do not let babies fend for themselves, becasue they must change and grow. Tehy need to be provided for until a time they can take care of themselves. A house, or lawn, must be maintained if we want to be able to use it. All things are a process. Including all creation. But to say “creation” implies a creator, and to say “science” implies a process. The inability to meld the two caused us many, many problems.