My Four Experiences with The Police


My Four Experiences…

  1. The first time I ever got pulled over was on the way home from a Bob Dylan concert. My friend was too tired to drive, so had me drive his car. We were the only car on the highway from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids. The officer said I was going 11 MPH over the speed limit. I’d never driven the car, which was way nicer than mine, so sure, whatever. Without even a debate, he wrote me a citation rather than a ticket and all I had to do was pay a fine.

  2. The second time I wasn’t really pulled over. My car ran out of gas. It’s the only time (to date) this has happened to me, and the gas gage showed about an 1/8th of a tank. I knew I was low, but did the male thing of wanting to push it. My brother was in the car, and we were headed to Chicago. We walked to a near-by town. A cop came to the place we’d found, told us he assumed we’d go there since it was the only place open, and drove us to get gas and back. I appreciated the help, didn’t appreciate the lecture about running out of gas.

  3. The third time I got pulled over was near dusk. The officer pulled me over because I had my high beams on. Ironically, I’d just heard a sermon explaining how that wasn’t illegal. But, I’d also had 2.5 beers at Founders (which should be below the legal limit) but didn’t want to press my luck. He mentioned the high beams and sent us on our way.

  4. The fourth time I was pulled over I was going about 20 MPH over the speed limit. I got caught in a known speed trap near my parents house. I was on the way to work, running late. I’d had my phone and wallet stolen the week before, so was driving with my passport. The cop approached and I knew I’d been caught and was in the wrong. When he asked for my license, I told him I didn’t have it, explained the situation, and he let me off, ending with, “Have a nice day”.

In each experience, it was more or less the same. The cop approached in a way that was authoritative, bordering on arrogance, and the matter was resolved fairly quickly.