Wikiepedia: the dumbest debate

One of the dumbest debates I've encountered was about Wikipedia.  Many teachers - and they still do - think Wikipedia is bad.  Their argument boils down, always, to this: anyone can add to it.  In their eyes, this means the sources are questionable.  They don't realize they'd rather have students ask them.  They further do not realize this means they'd be the expert.  The ones that I've heard voice this argument have often been on the less intelligent side.

Wikipedia is a great thing.  No doubt.  No debate.  Since it's advent, students have had access to all information in their pockets.  Students actively seek information.  They do this all the time, which can often lead to exploration of many other academic adventures.  This is a good thing, always.  

There's also such an easy way to branch the negatives of paragraph one with the benefits of paragraph two: have students use original sources for documentation.  This would keep the benefit, while also teaching them to find and review primary documents.  

It's an example of a win-win that many educators put in the 'L' category.

Private School

This is a tough one for me.  If your neighborhood schools suck, I see the appeal.  I went to private schools, and there are benefits.  If you're thinking about it, though, the counter thought is this: if you're a concerned parent, active parent, and educated adult, you're taking one such person away from public benefit.  

Public Schools need you.  15 families like yours can change a place.  

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