Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


Yesterday, I wrote about the Struggles Through the Ages.  I looked at how different ages can have a different effect on life.  But perhaps the main thing I realized when reading the letter of the 'struggling writer' was how much more confident I've become as I've gotten older.  

It is something I think about a lot.  When weighing different things in my life, wondering between this and that decision, I often ask the question: would I trade this for that, if I also had to give up my current level of self confidence?  The answer is almost always, 'no'.  

Being confident, and believing in yourself is what separates a lot of people in life.  If you know you can do it, and put the time in, you can make it happen.  

Confidence is key.  

I realized my own confidence, and personal growth, in two very specific ways this year. 

1. Technology.  I had a meeting last year, and was talking about some things on my website, including the direction I wanted to go.  At that time, I'd spent about a year (or year and a half) trying things.  I felt stuck.  None of it made sense.  But now, a year after that meeting, it's making a lot more sense.  I'm able to do things that I couldn't do before.  I've even helped others figure out some technological things in areas that I was previously stuck.

2. Writing.  I was often stuck, spending way too much time on process and editing, compiling and drafting, and my content suffered.  Now, I have much more confidence in this area.  Now, I can finish things.  When I start something, I know it will happen and can vilualize positive things.

I write these not to brag, but rather to celebrate - personally - how far I've come.  I see the growth, celebrate the growth, and it inspires me to continue.  I hope you find and celebrate areas of growth in your own lives.