Series Wrap Up

I made a goal last November of updating my site everyday.  I vowed to do a series: New Year, New Me.  This is the final post of that series.  Some days I had a better objective than others; this includes something more ready to say.  

My main goal was to produce.  To sit down, think through a plan, and see it through.  I did that, every day.  I was also able to design a format for past series, and figure out how to blend different forms of media.  

Doing a daily practice makes months seem longer and shorter at the same time.  I was looking for a post, to share it with a friend, and couldn't believe how many days had passed since writing the piece.  But in other ways, time goes by much differently.  I rolled an ankle.  Prior to that, I'd been running and  exercising on the regular.  One injury can be quite a setback.  I realized how dangerous setbacks are, as well.  

Booze and working out provide me with the same endorphin rush.  A couple beers help me relax, for sure.  They also provide a great excuse for eating unhealthy.  If I go and exercise, I feel great, but I also eat better.  I got the taste of my gut receding, which felt great.  I also saw that when I'm lax for a few days, it comes right back.  

My days also have a new rhythm to them with the series.  I was productive in many areas of my life.  Some days as I write, I'm better than others.  Some, not a whole lot of good comes.  But, by starting and writing, and then publishing, I'm starting the day with a W.  This carries over, I feel like, to other areas.  

Prior to doing what I love in the am, I felt a rush.  The timer would go off, and I'd be like, 'ok.  Now I gotta rush to get ready'.  Now, when I finish a post, or get some content ready, I feel like I've accomplished something and leave for 'work' from that place.  It's nice.  

Some conclusions I'll draw are this: I feel better overall when I work out, I must write, and I function better when I'm more intentional.