All the talk of steps, and step counters, is interesting.  Several cliches and motivational quotations talk of change and betterment happening through a single step or breath.  The world around us is changing.  People are waking up, and we are doing it through steps.

The world has changed a lot over the past 100 years.  Life in 1918, and certainly in 1818, was much more similar to life in 18 than it is to life in 2018.  The skills for survival, getting ahead, and the way you'd pursue a day would have been similar.  Life would consist of work and maintenance.  We're at a point where that is almost not the case.  In the modern world, you can buy nearly everything.  You can do this from your home computer - or phone - and have it shipped to your house.  You can do most things online, and don't have to move very much.  You can be mentally engaged, while ordering three meals of takeout that show up at your house.  

While we're using our minds more than ever, we're ignoring the body.  We're living in a plane where fatigue is not measured through a physical input and output, but through a mental one.  "Mental fatigue" is a word used to describe people that are tired in their minds.  This comes from using mental energy, but that energy may be disassociated from the body, and the body's expenditure of energy.  

Those of us that see the benefits of the mental progress, but feel the effects of the physical neglect, are waking to a new reality.  A reality that is filled with possibilities of connection and reach, but comes with side effects.  A reality that is movings so fast, that we must slow down and be more intentional - especially about the body.  Often, this intentionality is being measured by and through step counters.  I cannot help but think this is significant.