Goal 1 - In Detail

This year I will get my weight in check.  I will see 199.5 at least once, and be in the 200-205 range by year's end.  I'm using weight as the metric, because the numbers don't lie.  My body performs better with less weight.  T

To do this, I need to focus on three major things:


Food (Portion Control & Diet)

I eat too much.  If I truly want to attain my weight goals and be healthy, I must have discipline on food and drink.  

I like fad diets, and have tried a bunch.  I just haven't, yet, made it a lifestyle.  

I'm starting the year with The South Beach Diet.  It's one that works for me, one that I like, and I also know it's what I need to do. 

I will provide occasional updates on what I'm eating and cooking.  You can follow along by clicking the button below.  

This is the last time I ran the River Bank.  

This is the last time I ran the River Bank.  

River Bank Run

I need a physical challenge.  And I need a goal.  The River Bank Run is a 25K (15.5-mile) race that takes place in Grand Rapids, MI.  To be ready for this race, I need to run several times a week, starting now.  

I began 2017 unable to run much more than 2 miles.  I ended the year regularly running 5.  My pace in September was about 10:40 p/mile. By December, I'd shaved it to 9:13.  

This is a step-by-step, day-at-a-time process.  It keeps me focused. It keeps me on track.  You can track my training by clicking the button below. 


Alcohol (Drink Less)

If you're like me, you think that while one beer is good, two are better.  This philosophy doesn't change as you age, and doesn't help the waistline.  Booze, in nearly any form, is something I've allowed in my diet without much thought or limit.  I realize that I need discipline in this area, and need to set personal boundaries that work for me.  I realize I need this if I want to be my best and healthiest self.  

Often, in my opinion, our we don't talk about alcohol in the best way.  I might try.  Click below for relevant updates.