This Week's Thoughts...11

  • It's pretty great to mow your own lawn.
  • And then to have a beer, grill, and sit in the back yard.  
  • Every time we get a three day weekend, I'm like: we should have these all the time.
  • Politics are pretty crazy.  Like: I had a conversation this week with some who claims to be liberal that berated me for keeping an open mind.  
  • But I do have an open mind.  This election, I'll be entering with a vote on the table.  That vote will go for whichever person appears to have the most integrity.  Which, at this point, could be Gary Johnson.  He's Libertarian, governor of New Mexico, and was on the Joe Rogan Podcast in the last few weeks.  I very highly recommend listening to that.  The major problem I see with him is that he says, "At the end of the day" too much.  That can be overlooked.
  • Speaking of the Cavs, I am so excited for the NBA Finals.  Watching LeBron in the last series was amazing.  He dominated game six.  I'm looking forward to June 2.
  • Two weeks of school left.
  • Yes.