This Month's Thoughts...February

  • We should take a collective breath, and be much more kind and forgiving to one another.  As I've seen posts on various sites, and listened to a lot of people's opinions, the only thing I can think of is: none of us are as smart as we think we are.  
  • Sure.  We may be experts in a certain area, but even in that area, there's always more to know.  So hearing a version of a story on some type of media, having a strong reaction, and then sharing that reaction without any reflection, does not make you an expert in the area that you just commented on.  
  • In fact, you might be wrong.
  • We all might be wrong about many, many things.  We need to remember that.  See the humanity in others, care for that humanity, and listen much more than talk.  And then we'll be fine.
  • But a place that has no humanity is the NCAA. And boy did they get the tournament wrong this year.  Looking at the seeding, it appears the committee only considered Strength of Schedule.  This is like only judging beauty by height and weight.  
  • Daylight savings time has got to go.  It's another example of man messing with nature, and we don't need to do this.  I wonder how different things would be, including the rhythm of the U.S. if we didn't mess with this tiny component of time.  
  • It might be more than we think.