Beyond Beyond the Classroom!

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Thank you to everyone that has listened to, talked about, or commented on Beyond the Classroom: life lessons with Mr. B. What began as an idea on a road trip to Chicago spanned the course of three season, two summers, and had over 4,000 downloads.

Though Beyond the Classroom is finished, and may no longer be available on iTunes, a greatest hits of sorts is availble at

What’s so cool to me bout the podcast (as a medium, but here specifically) is any person can have an idea and share it with the world. When you share it, you have no idea who will be impacted by this idea, and where or how it will land. So you put it out there, adnd you hear things.

Like, I heard from a former student that she really enjoyed it. I was told the “it isn’t always” episode was really helpful. And The interviews show a different light on different topics.

4,000 dowloads. That’s awesome.

Thank you to everyone that listened.