Donald Trump and Dick Size

A really great question to ask is: Is Donald Trump really just America's way of saying 'Fuck You' to politics as we know them?

I haven't come across a single person that looks at Donald Trump and says: yes.  This is exactly the man I want running this country.  

I haven't heard a single person list him as a potential candidate.  No one - not real news stations, not satirical new stations, not people in the street, or politicians - have taken, until extremely recently, Trump as a legitimate candidate; yet he's winning state after state.  News articles write things along the lines of: start taking Trump seriously, but a quick Google search shows he's over 25% of the way to nomination, having (close to) the equivalent of all the other candidates combined.  To describe him, people use words like insulting or bully.  He gets almost no positive press, yet he's dominating the polls.  The more ludicrous his comments, the more he gains ground, the further ahead he goes.  When Trump changes his position, we don't consider him lying.  When he says something vulgar, we don't think it profane.  He somehow gets a pass (almost, tackily: Trump Card).  It's as if the further he goes, the more we collectively like it.  

George W. Bush aroused anger.  Hilary Clinton extracts hate.  But Donald Trump, in addition to those things: humor.  

It's my opinion that Barack Obama was able to tap into the piece of all of us that wants a better future.  He symbolized, in us, something lost that can be found.  When the famous painting of him that read "Hope" circulated, we all thought: yes!  He does.  

Obama was able to invoke that feeling.  He's been able to articulate the most clearly, for my money, the way to a political Kingdom of Heaven.

Trump has basically the opposite effect.  He's able to tap into the worst of ourselves.  As comedian, and host of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver said (or at least something like this), "there's a part of me that is amused by this - it's a part of me that I hate, but it's there". 

This is true.  I feel this too.  

Trump is throwing the system on its proverbial face.  At some level, we all know that politics (and the political game) is bullshit that comes with a price tag, but Trump is showing that you can literally buy an election.  

Politics, and society in general, have been so passive (and consequently: passive aggressive) that we hold our tongues, run the other way to avoid offending, apologize when someone else mishears us, that we live scared.  

But Trump don't give a fuck.  

And we like this.  We want this.  

What every person that gives his name a vote is doing is saying that we're fed up with the machine.  They're (We're?) not actually voting for Trump, they're/we're voting against the system.  (And is there, or has there been, a candidate more representative of The System than Hilary Clinton?)  

If we take the candidates and give them a quick description, here's what we got:

Bernie Sanders - retro being again cool.

Ben Carson - that guy you really root for, but can't actually have on your team.

Hilary Clinton - the unfortunate offspring of everyone that's every lied to you, and corporate red tape

Ted Cruz - everything that's wrong with America - past, present, and future

Marco Rubio - the person you broke up with just before you met Mr. Right

And then there's Donald Trump.  He should be worse than everyone above him.  Almost every American dislikes something he's done or stands for.  He abuses power, is rude to minorities, crass to women, uses money as a bandaid, and the justice system as a threat.  

But, he's different.  He reminds me of Mr. Burns, having all illness simultaneously, yet somehow they balance one another out, keeping him in perfect health.

Maybe what we're seeing is Reality Television run for president.  And we're curious about what is happening.  Especially compared to the scripted story we've seen so many times.

It's interesting, because you can't really say you support Trump.  (Unless you're Chris Christie, and then we saw what happened, the memes are hilarious).  

To date, I've seen only one bumper sticker, and I laughed out loud when I saw it.  

This is the guy that's famous for saying, "You're fired".  He's basically insulted every type of person that exists.    

But at the same time, we also see his name on buildings in cities that look cool.  His building changed the Chicago skyline.  

He's in a unique position where we've seen him both on reality television and in cities do things.  So maybe that's why his words don't matter as much.  So then when he makes jokes about the size of his penis, we laugh.  

We can laugh.  

He gets away with it because we don't actually hold reality television to reality.  So his joke is funny, and It touches on a very male sense of humor.  

This is the appeal of The Donald.  He's saying fuck you to the system, while simultaneously confronting every American and the American system in general.  He's begging better people to get into politics, or else we're stuck with him.  He's forcing people to deal with the internal conflict in those of us that don't want to vote for Trump, but can't vote for Clinton.  

I'm very tempted to end this thing by saying I don't endorse Trump, or am appalled at what he says or how he treats people, but that would be to simply do what most of the country is doing.  And then, after I said that, I'd open an internet browser and there he'd be.   This is the reality.  

More than anything else, he's pointing that we need a change in options, a change in how we do things, and that change can't be...small.